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Bobbin Fill Thread

Thread recommended by Pam for using in your bobbin when Satin Stitching around your applique with machine embroidery threads! 

You'll get more on your bobbin and not waste your fancy threads on the back of your work.

A fine thread for an unobtrusive stitch. HT Poly is now used extensively for Machine Embroidery Bobbin Fill but was originally designed for industry as Blind Hemming Thread and adopted for Felling & Lockstitch - super on Nets and Bridal Wear.

HT Poly is ideal for Embroidery Bobbin Fill as the fineness of the thread ensures there is no bunching on the back of your work. This also makes it ideal for high-density stitched designs as again there isn't any unnecessary build-up of thread under your work.

Technically referred to as HT Polyester. 5000mtrs

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