Quilting Service

Have your project quilted with our automated long-arm quilting service.

We are now open for booking quilts in person by appointment. Give us a call to arrange the best time for your to bring your quilting in and we will be ready with threads, patterns etc....

If you still prefer to post, we are happy to accept quilts via post or courier, additionally our drop off box remains stationed outside the door for dropping off and collecting quilts.

* When sending your quilts in, please ensure you include your phone number and address and any preferances in pattern, thread etc. See below for our new downloadable pattern catalogue.

We operate two Automated Long-Arm Quilting Machines both located in store and offer a wide variety of patterns, including traditional, novelty and themed with no extra charge for more detailed patterns, thread is also included in the price. If needed we will give guidance as to which pattern and thread would most suit your project.

Although wadding and backing fabric is not included in the quilting price, we stock 108" wide backing fabrics and 90" & 120" wide waddings in store. Again we are happy to discuss which will best suit your project and budget.

Edge to Edge Quilting (all over pattern)

Any pattern £2.50 per square foot. e.g. 80" x 90" (approx double size) = £125


In order to give you the best finished result, we ask the following;

  • Tops need to be pressed and all threads snipped.
  • Backing needs to be squared (cut straight with no steps) and at least 8" larger than the top (4" top, bottom, and sides).
  • Wadding also needs to be 8" larger than the top.
  • Any fabric pleats, folds or flanges need to be sewn down, and embellishments that could snag the machine need to be removed.
  • Please press any particularily lumpy seams (e.g. pin-wheel middles) open to flatten them as much as possible.

Please also note, we have a waiting list so be sure to book your slot as soon as possible. You can book your project in anytime, but we ask you to bring it in at least 2 weeks before the booked date to ensure we have everything we need.

Downloadable Quilting Pattern Catalogue

Since you are now unable to bring your quilts to us a choose your patterns, threads etc while here, we have added a catalogue of some of our favourite quilting patterns for you to choose from, please click the button below to download the PDF. If you have a specific idea of pattern in mond and it is not included in the catalogue feel free to email or call and we can discuss what other patterns are available - for instance we even have a pattern of vikings in boats, granted we've only ever used this once, but it's really good.

With regards to thread colours, we hope you can trust us to choose the right thread for your project, of course if you have a preferance please do let us know. Our aim whe quilting is to choose both pattern and thread to enhanse your quilt without taking away from your patchwork and or applique.

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