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Crafter's Carry-All Pattern

Our best selling pattern and the first of it's kind.

The Crafter's Carry-All really can be used to all sorted of things - of course to store your craft and sewing items, a baby bag, your gardening tools bag..... etc.

It's a simple bag to make and also makes a great gift (once your friends and family see it they'll want one too).

This carry-all bag has three pockets on the front, one flat pocket on the back, and a large pocket on each end. You can also fit two plastic shoe boxes or one shoe box sized 'Really Useful' box inside to keep all your bits and pieces in ( In my sewing Crafter's Carry-All I keep my sewing kit in one shoe box and my current project in the other).

Finished size approx: 10" high x 13" wide x 10" deep.

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